Other Interests

I have many passions and interests, in addition to painting... Sometimes it's hard to keep track of them all. Pictured below are highlights of the way I spend some of my time. ...thanks for looking. 

SFA Marketing, My Business


Mountain Biking

Ready to descend Killington

Building Model Airplanes

I love spending time working on RC planes

Fuselage of Phalz DIIIa

Adding strip planking, one piece at a time

German Phalz DIIIa Fighter

This one took a year to build 

Click the Photo Above

For a video link of RC highlights

My Good Bajan Friend


Ahhh, Cross Country Skiing

This is an awesome sport

Moutain Biking 

Taking the family for a run

Love the Outdoors

Top of Mt Monadnock, NH


One of the places I love most


My good friend Kevin, rest his soul


Good fun, and sometimes good eats