My Process

I work with oil paints, and my "en plein air" process typically starts with a charcoal sketch on a "ground canvas" ...then progresses to a loose-wash underpainting, then I build in more details using light and dark forms, refine colors and linework, and finally add subtle details as time or focus dictates. Each painting takes on a life of its own. 

Charcoal Draft

Vine charcoal allows me to refine composition and form


Initial paint layer applied to ground canvas

Highlight and Shadow

Refine underpainting for additional contrast

Charcoal Details

Pencil refinement of details 

Continue Layering

Add more paint, depth and detail

Layering Up

Refine edges, highlights and details


Step back and observe the paint and composition

Finishing Touches

Add more detail and refinements... 

Rainy Day Cover

Work in progress at Weir Farm

Open Field

Work in progress at Weir Farm

A Cold Day

Exposure to the elements is a challenge

Another View

Weir's studio is an inspiration

Another Work in Progress

Weir Farm in Spring underpainting

Under Cover 

Working on the porch to stay out of the rain

Barbados, Bathsheba Sketching

Have pad, will travel...